Wednesday, December 19, 2012

cheap quick fix

Here's just a cheap quick fix that most of you are probably aware of,
but I thought I'd mention it here just in case :)
Lighting can be costly to replace, but can be refinished for under $10.
Here's a brass light fixture that looked like it was ready to be replaced. . .

It actually had a nice design to it, and so we decided to run to our local
Home Depot to pick up a can of Bronze Metallic Finish Spray.

All it took was a little dusting off with a dry paint brush,
and then three light coats of the spray paint (allowing each coat to dry thoroughly)
and it was done. . . I just LOVE quick fixes!

This aerosol spray can go right over metal, plastic, ceramic. . .pretty much anything.


. . .and AFTER :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

two tone kitchen re-do

Here's a kitchen we just recently finished. The granite counter tops and
beautiful tile back splash were new, which made this kitchen look amazing
just as it was. The cabinets were in pretty good condition, but had a little
water damage, and the blonde finish was a little dated.
Our client decided to go with a two-toned finish. . .
The main body is finished in antique white with walnut glazing.
We installed a beadboard wrap and baseboard around the bar,
which is finished in Espresso with black glaze.
Bead board was also added to all the sides. . .
On the opposite wall, theres this little desk area. . .

 Which was finished in the Espresso as well :)
Needless to say, we were delighted with the results!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

stunning vintage sideboard

This amazing sideboard belonged to a client who happened to
pick it up at a yard sale for a VERY, VERY good deal.
Even in this condition I could tell what amazing potential it had.
The tones throughout my clients home was soft and soothing greys. . .so
naturally, she decided to go with a grey that would compliment her surroundings.

Since her decor is more on the modern side, we went with a minimal amount
of distressing. . .just enough to accentuate the amazing designs and turned legs.
Oh my. . .those are beau-ti-ful legs!!

The hardware was switched out for a chunkier, more updated style which also
added a lot of personality and charm :)

As far as a finish coat, we went with a semi-gloss to give the luster a warm glow. . .
Simple, yet stunning.

Color: Gauntlet Grey by Sherwin Williams
Hardware: Hobby Lobby
Now off to our next project!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

sweet little vintage hutch

 Once in a while I come across something that
pulls at my heartstrings. . .this was one of those pieces.
The curves, the lines, the turned legs, and overall design. . .very charming :)
One of my cute clients called me wondering if I'd like this. . .
ummm. . .heck yeah! 
It only took a second for me to know exactly where she was gonna go. . .

Since I knew that this was going to be a keeper for a very long time, I decided
to give her a timeless but classic finish with antique white, and a little
minor distressing to show a hint of wear and tear.

She fits nice and snug between the kids' rooms at the top of the landing. . .

The inside was kept in its original form for a nice contrast
against the white. . .not to mention I love the warmth the wood provides.
Pieces like this remind me of a more simple, slow paced life. . .
and who doesn't need to be reminded of that every once in a while? :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New items!

We have been so crazy busy with custom jobs and farmhouse tables, that we've not had much time to finish any of our items in stock. . .but we managed to squeeze in a few this week :)
First is a large 9 drawer dresser/media cabinet. Very solid and heavy, and all the drawers
are in good functioning condition. Finished and distressed in antique white.
Measures 70"w x 18"d x 32"h.
Now available for $250 (SOLD)

Dove tail drawer details. . . 

Distressing details. . . 

Next, we have a walnut glazed bookshelf with adjustable shelves, solid and sturdy.
Measures 28"w x 12"d x 72"h.
Now available for $125 (SOLD)

Call or text if you'd like to come see in person!
801-209-1551 :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

French Country Entry Door

I am usually a pretty conservative person, however every once in a while we're allowed to do something a little extravagant right?? My front door was needing a new paint job and frankly,
I was getting a little bored of the brown. . .this door needed a little pop :)
Here's how it originally looked, and I really liked it. . .but when things
begin to seem a little dull in my life, I pull out the paint and get to work.
Last week, while strolling through Gardner Village, I spied this
aqua door that looked very much like mine. . .and I was smitten.
Paint rarely scares me but something about painting my front door this color
made me REALLY nervous!
Oh, but it's such a cute door!

After holding up a few samples, I decided that blue would compliment
the colors on my house. . .so, I went for it. . .GULP!
Here's the color I came up with. . .it's a combination of two colors I had
in my garage and it turned out just the way I wanted.
I love it when that happens :)

This door had alot of detail that I decided to do a French Country
Overcoating technique on, which gave it a worn & timeless appeal. . .

Next, it recieved an oil glaze rub down to polish off that
old world style I was going for. . .something that looks like it was pulled
right out of a vintage cottage in the french countryside. . .
Ahhh, YES!

Now this door is one that says

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

$21 vintage chandelier re-do

About ten years ago, we bought a bronze chandelier to hang over our dining room
table. . . I was really into bronze at the time, which was before I realized
I had a passion for all things vintage. . .

This is what it originally looked like. . .It was a pretty nice piece still, and
I didn't MIND the bronze, but I had moved on from the rustic look.
This is actually the chandelier that stole my heart. . .however it was a whopping $500,
and I knew I could do something similar with what I already had.
Maison 6-Light Chandelier
I decided to go with a lighter finish. . .one that would compliment the
tones throughout the room.
After thoroughly dusting my piece with my brush, I placed it upside-down,
and sprayed a light coat of Rust-o-leum Heirloom White.
I then sprayed a second coat about an hour later, making sure to spray
the cord and chain as well. . .
After completely dry, I turned it over and did the same process.

Now for the fun part. . .distressing!!
Using a medium grit sanding sponge, I sanded away along areas that
would "naturally" wear and rub over time, exposing the dark bronze from
underneath, which made for a great contrast.

The main expense was in the mini linen shades, and glass beads,
which I got from Hobby Lobby. The nice thing about Hobby Lobby is if you
find what you want, and are patient, then they will always rotate their 50% off
sales. This is the time to snatch up what you've had your eyes on. . .
in my case it was these beautiful linen shades. . .

After hanging my lighting, I determined where to place a little bling. . .
Ahh yes. . .a little here, a little there. . .just enough  to add a bit of sweetness :)
Not too bad for a grand total of $21, and I LOVE the way it pulls the room together. . .

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