Saturday, November 17, 2012

stunning vintage sideboard

This amazing sideboard belonged to a client who happened to
pick it up at a yard sale for a VERY, VERY good deal.
Even in this condition I could tell what amazing potential it had.
The tones throughout my clients home was soft and soothing greys. . .so
naturally, she decided to go with a grey that would compliment her surroundings.

Since her decor is more on the modern side, we went with a minimal amount
of distressing. . .just enough to accentuate the amazing designs and turned legs.
Oh my. . .those are beau-ti-ful legs!!

The hardware was switched out for a chunkier, more updated style which also
added a lot of personality and charm :)

As far as a finish coat, we went with a semi-gloss to give the luster a warm glow. . .
Simple, yet stunning.

Color: Gauntlet Grey by Sherwin Williams
Hardware: Hobby Lobby
Now off to our next project!!


  1. It is a gorgeous piece. I've been looking for one like it for a long time...can't seem to find one that fits my budget. Great job!


  2. Oh my Lord, that is a beautiful piece and wonderful makeover. I have an old 70s Mediterranean style buffet that is just begging for a facelift like this. Projects like this really motivate me. Great job and love the color and subtle shabby finish!

  3. What a GORGEOUS transformation. I love the detail the knobs add to it. I would LOVE to have a side board like this one. Nicely done!