Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Provincial Farmhouse Table

I had a little problem. . .
The dining set that I absolutely ADORE was just too small for my growing family.
We have five kids, a soon to be daughter-in-law, and two very special girlfriends that
frequently join us for dinner. Eating a meal at our house meant that four of us
could sit around the table, and the rest were scattered around the bar and family room. . .

Since we all know that the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, then the dining
room table should be able to reflect that as well. . .

After sketching out a design I had seen in a book, we got to work. . .

It needed to be big enough to fit us ALL. . .that was my stipulation :)


I wanted the body to appear as if it was a heirloom piece. . .

One that had been handed down for generations,
with a sense of natural comfort, practicality, and charm.

The final result exceeded my expectations, and I am tickled pink!!
My hubby is a good man.

. . .Time for a nice family meal and a late night game of cards :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

undercoating custom tutorial

I am in LOVE, I mean in LOVE with French Country Design. . .
especially the layered, weathered & worn painted furniture that's
so commonly seen in the French rural countryside.


A sense of  natural comfort, practicality, and charm is found in every aspect of
 French country living, and has always influenced interiors across Europe and America.


I'm especially drawn to their subdued shades, soft tones, and natural materials. . .


A common trademark of French Country is their unique way of "undercoating". . .
layers of painted finishes, revealing past lives and new beginnings.



Undercoating is a technique that took us a while to get just right,
but is pretty simple when following the right procedure. . .



Now it's YOUR turn!

If you would like to order the instant download
Undercoating Custom Tutorial,
you can do so in my Etsy shop here.

If you want to see more tips, tricks, and ideas, click here to view all our other tutorials. :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Farmer's Market, week one!

Week one. . . of the Gardner Village Farmer's Market has officially begun!! Yee-haw!!

Gardner Village Farmers Market

We had a great day Saturday and were pleased with the turnout :)

Setting up our booth was pretty smooth and everything fit well. . .so I was
in a good mood. We met a lot of great people and enjoyed the fun atmosphere!

Here's a few pics of our area right before the market opened . . .

Luckily we took this picture in the morning, because by the afternoon
we were hot, sweaty, and not looking so great in the 90 degree weather!

Come by and say hi if you can. . .we'd LOVE to see you!