Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Provincial Farmhouse Table

I had a little problem. . .
The dining set that I absolutely ADORE was just too small for my growing family.
We have five kids, a soon to be daughter-in-law, and two very special girlfriends that
frequently join us for dinner. Eating a meal at our house meant that four of us
could sit around the table, and the rest were scattered around the bar and family room. . .

Since we all know that the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, then the dining
room table should be able to reflect that as well. . .

After sketching out a design I had seen in a book, we got to work. . .

It needed to be big enough to fit us ALL. . .that was my stipulation :)


I wanted the body to appear as if it was a heirloom piece. . .

One that had been handed down for generations,
with a sense of natural comfort, practicality, and charm.

The final result exceeded my expectations, and I am tickled pink!!
My hubby is a good man.

. . .Time for a nice family meal and a late night game of cards :)


  1. What a beautiful set.

  2. The table is so lovely. I tried using benches (which I absolutely loved) but everyone complained that it was too much of a hassle when someone needed to leave the table, so it's back to squeezing in chairs again :(

  3. It really is beautiful. Your hubby's not only a good man but also a clever one! Loving those benches too.

  4. What an absolutely beautiful table! It would look perfect in my dining area, lol! Very talented!!!

  5. Gorgeous! I love it. A real family heirloom and a great story to go with it! Well done!

  6. Great job on the table. It look well loved and welcoming!

  7. Such a beautiful table! I also linked up my own farmhouse table this week:).

  8. I can't wait until I get to order mine! LOVE this table!!

  9. Love this table - I have one that was recently built for me. Wondering if you'd share what paint/stain combinations you used? Thanks so much!