Friday, May 10, 2013

from dark to light

I just had to share this project we've been working on because it's turned out to be one of my
all-time favorites!!These cabinets were already stunning as is, but the home owner was
 ready to go from dark to light...ah, a girl after my own heart!
Here's some shots of the laundry room before...

Here it is after...we finished the cabinets in antique white, with a dark walnut glaze.
There was already plenty of distressing previously done. Look how much bigger the room looks!

I really LOVE how the glaze picked up the nicks and wormholes!
Outside the laundry room is the mudroom area, where this beautiful built-in cabinet sits...
And here it is now...

Last of all, we refinished the master bath. Here's the before shots...
please excuse the crummy phone pics!

This room was especially brightened...such a difference!
And the mirrors were finished to match :)

We were thrilled with the way these cabinets turned out!
If you would like information in regards to our Oil Glazing Custom Tutorial, click here.


  1. Visiting from French Country Cottage... This is an amazing transformation! I'm sur ethe whole house looks bigger, and fresher! Bravo!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous~ sharing at the party tonight~ thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  3. Your cabinets looks amazing! It looks so much better lighter and I love the way you finished them off with the dark glaze… Looks beautiful!

  4. Great job! It's amazing what paint can do.

  5. That's so pretty! It's obvious they are beautifully made cabinets to begin with and your work just enhanced them. That's the look of the cabinets we have and it's what made me love the house.

  6. Probably the best glazing job I have seen. Really brought out the character of the cabinets! Can I ask about the color or your walls. I have been searching in vain for the right color of tan (for lack of a better word). Would you mind sharing what color you used?