Thursday, April 18, 2013

yellow cyprus lemon plant

I have a new favorite that makes me smile evey time I look at it.
It caught my eye the other day and I immediately put it in my cart without
thinking another thought. Then I put it back because I felt guilty for spending
money on something I didn't need. About 20 minutes later, I went back and put it in my cart again,
deciding that if I can buy myself a little piece of happiness for $12, then I'm doing pretty good :)

Say hello to the Yellow Cyprus Lemon...

It looks similar to a little christmas tree, but has a fresh clean scent and a bright,
beautiful lime green hue to it. It's also very soft to touch!

I looked them up online to get a little more information on caring for them both inside as a topiary,
or outside as a shrub, which can be found here.
Either way, maintenence is easy which is good news for me since my sister
got all the green thumb genes.
I've decided to use mine as a topariary :)

And no, it doesn't produce lemons :)