Nestled in the beautiful Cache Valley area, is this charming historic farmhouse
that one of our clients purchased, and has spent the past five years restoring.

We were so excited to be a part of their restoration team! 

With alot of prep work, it was beginning to transform...

Here it is in progress.

We decided to go with colors that would compliment it's rich
heritage and authenticity.

There's my boys! They are so great to help out!

In order to bring more character to the home, we built our custom shutters
to go on every window....and there was  alot of them!

I absolutely LOVE the way this old farmhouse turned out!
It was alot of work, but very rewarding!

Colors used for this home were from KWAL Howells
Main: Pale Khaki
Trim: Barren
Shutters & doors: Tree Bark

Stucco, garage, soffit and fascia re-paints:

For a free estimate on exterior painting, please contact Todd at: 801-652-4808

Garage and door glazing. . .

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