Wednesday, July 10, 2013

kitchen house finally got a turn! :)

We've refinished many kitchens over the past several years, and it just never gets old to me how amazing the transformation is. It's been about eight years since we last did our kitchen,
and we were ready for a change...something lighter and more subtle.

Like this...

Here is our kitchen before.
Back then I was going for a bit of a rustic feel, but with our new hardwood floors I've been
feeling like we're living in a big bowl of oatmeal with all the browns going on.

It's time for a contrast :)

As you can see below, I'd already gotten started on some of the cabinets along the back wall...
see the difference between the upper cabinets and lower?

And here it is after...with the exception of the finish baseboards around the bottom.
It's not a huge difference since I like to usually stay neutral, but it's enough of a contrast.
No more oatmeal ;)

Oh, how I love quotes...

This particular finish is in a soft antique white, with a tea-stain rub.

It feels like a brand new kitchen all over again! And that makes me a happy gal :)

UPDATE: New Granite! Yay!! 

Now I'm a DOUBLE happy gal! :)


  1. Beautiful new look! I love how fresh and clean it looks. Great job!

  2. Your kitchen is wonderful. I would love to have bar stools so I could sit and visit wth my husband while he cooks.

  3. This is beautiful! The entire space has brightened up :)