Friday, May 10, 2013

from dark to light

I just had to share this project we've been working on because it's turned out to be one of my
all-time favorites!!These cabinets were already stunning as is, but the home owner was
 ready to go from dark to light...ah, a girl after my own heart!
Here's some shots of the laundry room before...

Here it is after...we finished the cabinets in antique white, with a dark walnut glaze.
There was already plenty of distressing previously done. Look how much bigger the room looks!

I really LOVE how the glaze picked up the nicks and wormholes!
Outside the laundry room is the mudroom area, where this beautiful built-in cabinet sits...
And here it is now...

Last of all, we refinished the master bath. Here's the before shots...
please excuse the crummy phone pics!

This room was especially brightened...such a difference!
And the mirrors were finished to match :)

We were thrilled with the way these cabinets turned out!
If you would like information in regards to our Oil Glazing Custom Tutorial, click here.