Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vintage linen lampshade skirt

I absolutely LOVE the company called Soft Surroundings . . .

If I had lots of money to spend, this is where I'd shop!

Any-hoo, today my cute mom (who just happens to live right across
the street) came in and plopped this adorable picture
down on my kitchen table. . .

It's called a Vintage Linen Lampshade Skirt. . .
made by Soft Surroundings.

Is that not the cutest thing EVER!?
It just cinches up with a silk ribbon to fit on any lampshade. . .genius!

I took a look at the boring little lamp on my side table,
and decided to give it a try. . .

Rummaging through my scrap pieces, I came across this vintage
pattern that would match my living room perfectly.

After pulling a quick iron over it, I clumsily hemmed the seam and
inserted some white tulle, since I didn't have any silk ribbon. . .

Pulling the tulle nice and snug naturally created
a pretty little ruffle. . .not bad for fifteen minutes!

Now I know my lampshade skirt isn't nearly as darling and flowy
as theirs. . .but hey, give me a break. . .I'm NOT a seamstress!

Just think of the possibilities though. . .

french linens,

Here is my second attempt with another lamp. . .

before . .

and after. . .

This one was SUPER easy actually. . . I just snipped and "tore" the
linen, cut little slits one inch apart, and wove a 2" linen
strip in and out. . .tying a bow in front!

...which means NO SEWING!!

I would LOVE to see YOUR lampshade cover ideas!

"Few of us write great novels;
all of us live them."
                  -Winston Churchill
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  1. Very cute! I might have to try that.

  2. Love your version with the toile fabric. Nice job.

  3. Oh I love it! It's soft and beautiful. That's a wonderful fabric to use.

  4. Jodi your lamp skirt is very pretty! I think the toile added character to the shade!

  5. love this idea!! I think I have some Toile, too hmmmmm....

  6. What a cute idea and so easy I have to try it. Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower.

  7. Very cute! Love the use of the toile. I think I will try this.

  8. I love this...and I adore that toile fabric you used. And I totally think yours is better than the original photo!! Thanks so much for stopping by Mop It Up Mondays & linking up!

  9. That is so adorable, and adding the tulle was such a great idea!

  10. YOU are a mickey fickey GENIUS!
    Lurv it!
    Thanks for adding ANOTHER project to my weekend warrior list!

  11. Squeal! Now I know what I'm going to do with a matching set of lamps I have. Thanks for posting. I love this idea! Visiting from Funky Junk and I'm following via RSS now :)


  12. This is just as darling as the original. Don't sell yourself short.

  13. Your shade skirts turned out super cute! I get Soft Surroundings catalogs, too, and have made a few purchases from them, and while I too was tempted by these shade skirts I did not buy them because I knew I'd be able to sew them up myself and save the cost. Have I done it yet? No, of course not! But funny thing, I was looking at my bedside table lamps last night and thinking they needed "something," so these skirts are going on my "list of things to do" (which of course is a mile long). I'm going to try to use vintage linen if I can get my mitts on some, and for the tie, I think I'll try an aqua silk ribbon which I will age, probably with a tea dip. I sound so ambitious, don't I?

  14. I typed in vintage lampshade tutorials on Pinterest and yours came up. I am headed off to a luncheon, but when I get home, I am going to make myself one. I will mention your blog and link it up when I do a post on my lampshade.

    I am so excited to start, but the luncheon is with many good friends so it will have to wait.