Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mod podge and old sheet music

A few months ago, I scored some awesome farmhouse finds
and shared some of them with ya'll (see here)

Well, the sweet old farmer who I dearly love was very fond of music,
and from what I understand, was an exceptional pianist as well.
 As I rummaged through his piles of things, I came across some old sheet
music from the 1940's and 50's. . .Yesssss

Honestly. . .how many cool things can you do with old sheet music?

So here was my dilemma. . .I just recently put this farmhouse cupboard
(from the same estate sale) in my family room, and wanted to just keep
it simple and light, but it's been buggin' me and I finally figured
it out today. . .

It needed a little contrast...

So I pulled out my stack of old papers and came across one
that really caught my eye. I also grabbed a vintage frame that I was
originally going to paint, but the dark unkempt wood provided
the perfect contrast. . .

For this particular project I didn't want to have the glare from glass,
so I cut a cardboard piece the same size as the frame, and
mounted the page with a generous amount of mod podge
on the cardboard. . .

After letting it dry, I then applied another generous amount to
the top to offer protection and durability. . .

To get a canvas look, I bunched up a grocery bag and dabbed
the wet mod podge. . .this leaves a great texture :)

 By hanging it low, and slightly overlapped by surrounding
objects, it united all the pieces together. . .

 I love linking the
past with the present!


...and after

Oh. . .and that little buggin' feeling is gone now :)

"A hunch is creativity
trying to tell you something."
                                   -Frank Capra
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  1. Hi Jodi, I love your little cabinet. I'm a new follower on GFC and would love if you'd follow back and share your white stoneware (secret) at my Frugal Treasures Tuesday Party going on now! That's the best tip I've seen in a long time. : ) Hope to see you at the party!

  2. beautiful! I'm becoming a new follower... I love your style!

    Leanne @

  3. Thank you, thank you! I have some family sheet music.... some was my grandma's, my mom's and my dad's. I'm gonna use your ideas :) So much better than it sitting in a box!
    Hugs from Iowa,