Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Painting a two-tone table

The original idea for this table was to sand and re-stain this table top in a dark walnut. But after we got a closer look, we realized that this table was made of laminate...which means it's not stainable.

Option #2 was to paint a two-tone finish, to look like a dark walnut.
First, we painted the base in an antique white, let it dry overnight and then taped off
around the lower area, using painters tape so as to not peel the fresh paint.
Next, we masked off the table skirt and legs...and sprayed the top in Espresso.
Last of all, we finished the top with a black oil glaze, which left the appearance of a rich wood grain.
The end result was just what we had hoped for. Paint never ceases to amaze me!
For more information on our oil glazing techniques, see here.
Also, here's the formula to our Espresso finish :)
Hope you're having a happy day!


  1. LOVELY!!! You sure did a wonderful job on this table:)

  2. Love this technique for getting that beautiful stain-look on laminate! I might be using this on my dining room table soon! Thanks for sharing your tips!