Friday, October 11, 2013

holiday crafts & farm sign

Things around here have been so crazy busy that I've been MIA for a while...BUT I have managed to get a few holiday projects done. Since there are so many adorable and fun paper patterns available, I couldn't help myself! Here's a simple holiday paper banner that I hung on the mantle...
Another thing I love to do in the Fall is paint iridescent pumpkins and gourds to match the tones in my house. Since this makes them look fake, it helps to surround them with natural elements--
like pinecones from the neighbors yard ;)

This is what they looked like before (Walmart $2.50...yes!)
It's a really easy process...using craft paint, simply paint your pumpkins and let dry. To create the iridescent look, just apply a "pearl" craft paint that is slightly watered down. That's all :)

One more thing I've been wanting to do for a LONG time is make this "No Empty Chairs" sign
to hang above my dining table. We do a lot of things around our table besides just eat...we play games and cards, we visit, we do school work, and we bond. This is where we create long-lasting, special memories. So I always tell my family that when we are all sitting around the table someday in Heaven, I don't want any empty chairs. This sign resembles more than just a decoration.
It reminds each one of us of our commitment to each other and the family unit.
Nothing is more important to me than "No Empty Chairs."


  1. Great transformation on the gourds and pumpkins. Love your no empty chairs sign!

  2. Love your sign! Just exactly how I feel. Mimi