Tuesday, June 3, 2014

fun studio 5 segment with Lumiere

A few months ago I was offered a position as design director for a fun new company called Lumiere Event Planning, and last week we kicked off the season with our first segment on Studio 5....wha-hoo!! 

We focused on tips & ideas for a vintage wedding or party:

It was pretty surreal seeing my vision come together.
It's one thing to have it all in my mind...its another to see it on display on the set.
Such a fun experience!

This dress was pure lace...so beautiful!

We put cute little succulents in the vintage tea cups, and the adorable mini apple pies and country cupcakes were made by our catering company, Sweet Pea Catering.

One of my favorite things to do is fill old mason jars with layered brown rice, great northern beans, and black eyed peas...and of course, I ALWAYS have to include some beautiful ironstone!

The tea cup & saucer sets, ironstone, old mason jars, vintage candy tin, and typewriter were all from the Sandy Antiques Mall...and pretty reasonably priced! I had a lot of fun in that store ;)

Using an old suitcase or crate/box (this one is from Hobby Lobby) it's easy to create a
fun space for guests to put cards at a wedding...

Thankfully, Wendy was the lucky one to be in front of the camera, while I was comfortably hanging out on the set taking pictures and enjoying seeing all this hard work come together :)

Studio 5 must have liked us, because they have asked us to put another segment together for June 25...yay! This next one will be sharing some of our Organic Garden Party Collection :)

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  1. Hi Jodi, I love you & your beautiful blog! I had fun watching the Studio 5 segment featuring your work. You should embed the video in your post {it was hard to find on Studio 5's website}. Thanks for being so marvelous!

    Warmly, Michelle