Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Studio 5, Segment #2

We just wrapped up our second segment with Studio 5 last week...I have to say that our first go-around, we went a little overboard and had WAY to much stuff for display. Now that we've gotten our feet wet, this time went a little smoother and was much more low key and enjoyable.

Our focus was on how to pull together an organic summer garden party or wedding, using a lot of natural elements such as moss, rocks, burlap, tree stumps and branches, and dried gourds. We also added some tarts, with home grown berries and a veggie box. These items are inexpensive, and a great way to decorate for a rustic look :)

We repurposed these soda bottles by filling them with our favorite juice mixture, adding a cute printed sleeve, and soaking the top fabric in melted wax and forming over the tops of the bottles.  After tying it off with a thin jute, we dipped the bottle top in the hot wax one more time to seal it.
These can be washed and re-used over and over again!

A unique way to display veggies is to stand them up, and garnish with a some pretty green kale :)

This is a crummy phone shot, but here's Wendy and I...partners in crime! 

Next segment, we're getting whimsical! :)

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