Tuesday, April 10, 2012

flags & flower pots!

flags & flower pots. . .

If you're looking for a quick & easy way to dress up your mantle,  
spruce up your sideboard, or decorate for a gathering. . .here's a cute idea :)

This project only took me about 30-40 minutes to make. . .

All you'll need is some small random terra cotta pots, scrapbook paper, mini-dowells,
spanish moss, glue stick, and foam. Pretty much everything came from Hobby Lobby, with the exception of the terra cotta pots which were a farmhouse find.

 Step one: cut foam squares, and stuff into pots. . .

Step two: make a diamond shape template on a plain piece of paper, fold in half to
make sure both sides are even, and trace onto the scrapbook paper.

Step three: cover diamonds with a glue stick, and wrap around the dowell
to create a "flag."

Step four: Print & cut out 3" letters from your computer and trace onto scrapbook paper,
cut out, and mount onto flags. Make sure your paper with the letters can be
easily seen against the flag its being mounted to.

Also, I used some foam sticky squares to attatch the letters, to create a 3-D effect. 

Step five: Push dowells into foam, making sure to stagger the heights
to create visual interest. . .

Step six: Fill with moss. . .and you're done :)

Just a thought. . .
Since spring, summer, autumn, and winter each have six letters, it's easy to
just make new flags for each season, and rotate them in the pots :)

Happy Spring :)

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  1. Love these super cute and oh so simple projects! Please keep them coming! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. This is such a pretty idea. I would love for you to link up to my Linky Party via: http://ourdelightfulhome.blogspot.com/2012/04/show-me-what-you-got-linky-party-9.html

    Mrs. Delightful

  3. Such a cute and easy project..........andi thewednesdaybaker.blogspot.com

  4. Love this project! It's very cute for spring decorating! I shared this on my FB page today! Thanks for linking at the Rock N Share!

  5. a friend of mine sent me the link to your blog....and I AM SOOO making these! Thanks so much. Now to find some terracotta pots {that aren't brand new} lol.

  6. Oh my goodness - these are adorable !!!! I'm definitely going to make these... I'm thinking with the word SUMMER..... hmmmmm


  7. So cute!! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!