Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sewing table transformation

I'm quite fond of old sewing tables. . .and have never met one I didn't like :)

As I was strolling along at the goodwill yesterday, this sweet
little table kept calling my name.

She was pretty plain and worn out. . .and had been stripped of her
sewing machine and hardware, but she was solid and sturdy and
I knew it would be and easy fix. . .so she came home with me.

I decided to take a picture AFTER I had stripped the top, but
you get the idea. . .

She got a coat of Minwax "English Chesnut" on the top, and black distressing on the body. . .

. . .simple, but  sweet :)

She's now ready to be adopted into a loving home. . .
Any takers?


  1. It turned out great! I have one almost exactly like it. It had been my MIL & still has the machine inside. The wood is in great shape, so I haven't done anything to it.