Saturday, February 2, 2013

construction zone part 1

You'll notice that my posts have been few and far between
lately. Besides the fact that we've been super busy (yay for work!!)
 my camera finally died and needed a proper burial. . .I know, its sad.
These pics are taken with my iPhone, which will have to do
until I get my paws on a new camera. Anyways, here's a little peek into
the project we're working on in our home. . .yes, you heard me right!
Instead of working on a clients home, we're actually working on our own. . .yay me!
This is the pile of tile my sweet son has been tearing out. . .you may need to
throw on a hard hat, because there's chunks a flyin' around here :)
As you walk in, this is the first room that you see. . .it's usually not such
a pig pen, but when there's demo going on, who feels like cleaning?
This room is getting a fresh coat of paint as well as hardwood flooring. . .can't wait!

This is standing in the same spot, but just looking forward into the kitchen.
You can see where we've ripped out all of the tile. . .the carpet's going next!

Here's another angle of the kitchen over by the dining table.
While we've loved the country finish we did on the kitchen a while back,
we've decided it was time for a new face lift as well.
Ugh. . .I promise to get better pictures next time too :(

The kitchen, dining room, and family room are all connected.
Basically, the whole main floor is getting hardwood flooring, and fresh paint.
Bye-bye to mustard walls and Berber carpet!

We have three sets of stairs that will get the hardwood treatment as well.
I'm hoping to switch out some of the dated lighting too. We'll see if hubby cooperates.

Here's a little peek of what we're doing.
I originally wanted dark walnut floors (for as long as I can remember)
but when I saw this sample of hand scraped Aspen, I fell in love!
The wall color we choose is called Khaki Shade, by Sherwin Williams,
and this beautiful Belgium rug from Home Goods will go very nicely in the family room.
We're definitely in the messy-not-so-fun stage, but I know it will
all be worth it when it's done!

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  1. Oh my gosh! You didn't tell me you were doing all of this to your home! I knew you were doing some changes in Bryce's room but leave it to Jodi to tackle her whole house at one time! I can't wait to see the changes :)