Wednesday, February 6, 2013

new camera! wahoo!

Now that I have my new camera I don't have any more excuses
for not posting anymore! I played around with it today with all the fun
gadgets and modes, taking dorky random pictures of my good natured family. . . 
I won't post any of those pics, but here's one I kind of liked. . .
she's still my favorite piece :)

As far as the construction. . .
We got the main floor all painted, all the base ripped out, and got a call
from the shipping company letting me know that our wood floors
will be here Friday morning, can I get a YAY?!!
I've only been waiting about eight years for this, but I have a
feeling that it'll all be worth it!
I've just had to keep reminding myself,
patience is a virtue,
PATIENCE is a virtue,
patience is a VIRTUE ;)

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