Wednesday, February 13, 2013

light switch re-paint

With all the remodeling that's going on around here, I'm looking around at
all my light switches and plugs that are in their original 1970's cream version. 
Option one: Hire an electrician to switch them all out for white ones.
Option two: I can buy all new switch plates, but the actual switches will
still be cream. . .hmmm, not really wanting a two-tone light switch either.
What to do, what to do. . .

Then I remembered that the Painter's Touch brand claims to
bond to plastic. . .perfect! Let's give it a go!

After opening a few windows for ventilation, I masked off the area
surrounding the light switch. For the first coat, I made sure all the light
switches were up, and then for the second coat, I put the switches down.
Also, make sure to shake the can really well and then spray a few
tester shots on some old paper before starting...sometimes the beginning
spits out a chalky residue.

And here it is after. . .it doesn't look perfect, but it's a lot better!!
AND it only cost me $3 to do all my switches, plugs, and heater vents!

The same process was done with the plugs. . .I just had to be careful to do
several light coats so that the paint wouldn't drip and run into the holes!

Here it is before and after.

And another before and after. . .those are my darling kids, btw :)

This is a cold air return that was scratched, and had old paint on it. . .lovely.
But guess what? The paint also works GREAT on metal!

This one I pulled off and brought out into the spray room. . .

Ahhhh . . .
I love things that looks nice and fresh and clean!

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  1. Never thought about doing the switch plates, but I've done the heat vents...makes such a huge difference. Maybe I'll do that this weekend!!!

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