Monday, January 16, 2012

Charming Coastal Shop

Every time we go to Laguna Beach to visit family, I always have to
stroll down to the boardwalk to visit this quaint little beach shop.

The layers of distressed wood mingled with shiny, sparkly random objects
 create a magical feast for the eyes!

There's something about places like this that just make me. . . well, happy!

I also love the combination of chippy wood and lightly distressed. . .blending
two different textures to create just the right balance.

Speaking of chippy, I am soooo in LOVE with these shutters. . .

Be still my heart!

Have you ever painted starfish? Who would of thunk it!
I have painted many things. . . but not starfish!

Ahhh. . . the beautiful hues of whites, greys, creams, blues, and greens.
So inviting, calming the senses and soothing the soul. . . have you ever stopped
to ponder why God created the world in the same color palette?

"Count among your blessings
all the colors, beauties, and
splendor of a living earth."
                               -Edward Cunningham

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