Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wooden Trinket Box Tutorial...

While out treasure hunting the other day, my daughter spied this
adorable wooden trinket box for $4. . . score!

Although it didn't look like that at first. . .but I could
definately see the potential! This was just a
little too busy for my taste. . .

Out in the workroom we pulled out the sander and got busy. . .
just a few minutes is all it takes!

By sanding through the edges to the wood,
it allows for easier distressing after painting. . .

When doing smaller projects, I like to use the aerosal cans for two reasons:
1. It dries super fast
2. Smooth surface. . .no brush lines!

 Apply two light coats of paint allowing at least 30 min. dry
time in between. . .heavy coats are not recommended because it
can create "fish eyes". . .spotty pockets of paint.

Sand through the paint once again. . . don't be afraid to be rough with the sander!

Also, I like it when colors from underneath peek through,
revealing it's former life :)

Allow at least a few hours to dry before clear coating, and make sure
to spray one light coat, and then a final coat.

I have tried  ALOT of clear lacquer sprays, and this one is
by far my very favorite (Home Depot or Lowes)

Word of warning:
Your paint will crackle when sprayed with lacquer if:

1. Not enough dry time is allowed. . .or

2.Coats are sprayed on too heavy. . .or

3. Not at least 65 degrees where spraying

My little gal was very happy with the end result!

...and the trinket box is already filled with trinkets!

"Why should the sky be
the limit,
when there's footprints
on the moon?"
                  -Tiffani Young

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  1. I love this - how cute! I'll have to keep my eyes open for something like this when I'm out thrifting.