We offer two types of tutorials: Basic and Custom

  Our Basic Tutorials are free, and will consist of tried and true
techniques that are basic skills in painting and decorating ideas,
and can be found below...w
e hope that you will find them fun and inspirational!

 Our Custom Tutorials will consist of a "workshop" type
series, covering more complex techniques, but put in simple and easy
terms to understand. Originally we were tossing around the idea of
holding hands-on workshops, but felt that putting together step by step
tutorials would be more beneficial for those who couldn't attend.
There is a small fee in ordering Custom Tutorials because
of the time and effort involved.

The Custom Tutorials are $5 each (Pay-Pal), and will be sent
via e-mail in a PDF file for you to keep and print. If you would like to
purchase a Custom Tutorial, simply click on the link for details.

Basic Tutorials
                                light switch re-paint                                      moss ball tutorial               
                           moss ball tutorial   
                                      cheap quick fix                                       two-tone tutorial             
                                  flags & flower pots                              $21 vintage chandelier     
                                  sheet music mod-podge                         DIY ironstone               

                                     linen lamp skirt                                         subtle changes      
                              simple hardware refinish                       wooden trinket box
                                      Painting a Table                                        Cheap plank walls

Custom Tutorials
                                        Zinc Patina                                               Oil Glazing            
                               Weathering New Wood                                 Undercoating           

                                French Linen Overlay                             Easy Farmhouse Signs

                 Creating Reclaimed Barn Wood Finish

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